Rotini with cherry tomatoes

I’m not a great cook. In fact, I don’t really enjoy cooking. But I do like eating, so sometimes you’ll find me in the kitchen. Here’s a simple dish I made after work recently.

rotini and tomatoes

I cooked and drained whole wheat pasta and tossed it with olive oil, cherry tomatoes, a touch of soy sauce, and garlic paste. I had store-bought paste in a container, but fresh, sautéed garlic would be better. Add salt and pepper to taste and you’re done. For more flavor, you could add zucchini slices, mushrooms, and tofu.

As with most of my dinners, I paired it with wine–a pinot gris blend in this case.

I liked how this got me out of a pasta and red sauce rut. The olive oil was a nice change–and you can chill this meal if you want a salad!

If you’re not sure about whole wheat pasta, you can buy pasta that’s 50/50. But I encourage you to work up to whole wheat. It tasted different to me at first–the texture was rougher–but I like it now. Whole foods are vital and staying away from refined sugars and flour is healthy.

I’m not on the gluten-free train. I don’t think most people need to avoid it. Fill up on fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes and add whole grains into the mix and I think you’ll be fine.

Of course, I’m not a nutritionist, so I can only relay what works for me and what I’ve read.

Do you have any quick vegan go-to meals?


2 thoughts on “Rotini with cherry tomatoes

  1. I’ll try this as soon as I buy the ingredients!! Looks delicious!

    Excluding gluten is like anything else. For instance, people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities must avoid foods containing gluten, such as wheat, barley and rye. Peanut butter is good for you unless you’re allergic to it–in that case a person can die! But for me, and most people, peanuts are a good source of protein and whole wheat and barley are excellent grains for a healthy meal.

    I would like to share a lentil recipe (but anyone allergic to peanuts may also–but not necessarily–be allergic to lentils since they are in the same family–legumes).

    Lentil Stew

    Saute a chopped onion and shredded raw carrots, (a pressed garlic clove if desired)
    add a can of drained lentils (or cooked lentils) and some veggie tomato sauce.
    add a little apple cider vinegar (a teaspoon or tablespoon according to taste).

    Serve over whole wheat pasta, rice pasta or brown rice.

    Bon appettite!

  2. Makes me wanna eat at your place….oops, I didn’t say that. I enjoy meat free meals (days).
    (I’m not sure if this comment is attached to your blog or Carmen’s comment….doesn’t matter….we are all in the same “camp”.)

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