Anti-fur protest at Nordstrom

Protesting on a busy sidewalk with a sign in my hands takes me a bit out of my comfort zone. But compared to the torture and horrendous deaths millions of fur-bearing animals face every year, what’s slight discomfort?


Last Saturday, I joined a dozen or so like-minded people at an anti-fur protest in front of the Nordstrom flagship store in Seattle. The event was organized by Action for Animals.

action for animals

I’m somewhat surprised that in 2013 there’s still a need for an anti-fur demonstration. Don’t people know better? Maybe they do, but do they care? Farmed fur animals gassed, poisoned, or genitally electrocuted. Wild-caught animals suffer for days in traps and break bones and teeth trying to free themselves.

fur is dead

Many of the passerbys nodded in agreement and some thanked us for speaking up. I didn’t see anyone in fur coats–just a faux fur vest and some trim on hoods that I hope was fake.

We protested to raise awareness. As consumers, we vote with our dollars. I’ve shopped at Nordstrom before but from now on I won’t be supporting businesses that sell fur. Luckily, there are loads of other stores that don’t sell fur, as you can see on this handy list.

Tell Nordstrom you won’t shop there either until they stop selling fur. Here’s a petition you can sign and a sample letter. As much as I want all businesses to be ethical “on their own,” it’s usually about the bottom line. If people don’t support cruelty, stores will have to change their business strategies.


Margo looks good in fur. People don’t!



6 thoughts on “Anti-fur protest at Nordstrom

  1. Did the protest receive any news coverage?
    I do have leather belts and shoes.
    The only leather jacket I have (and ever have had) was bought at street (garage) sale.
    Do you have many readers for this blog (I know this blog was started quite recently.).

    • I don’t think this one got news coverage but a lot of people shared it on FB and Twitter. I still have leather shoes too but as they wear out I’m replacing them with vegan alternatives. I’ve bought used leather shoes, purses and jackets though. I’m not sure I will in the future. It doesn’t create a demand (saves things from the landfill), but I see so many other options that it’s not necessary.

      I am slowly getting viewers and followers on this blog. It’s exciting. It takes a while to get word out and then it grows. Just like my other blog. Now I get a couple of hundred people looking at it every day. I hope that this one does soon too!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Some parents are proud of their children because they are smart, some parents are proud of their children because they are talented, some parents are proud of their children because they are successful – yes, you are all of those, but I am proud of you because you are a genuine, compassionate person and that’s what the world needs more of.

    Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone to step up and speak out for the sake of the animals. I agree and am equally baffled that people in this day and age are still so barbaric! We shouldn’t need demonstrations like this in the 21st century.

    • Thanks! I learned compassion from an early age, watching dad rescue turtles from the road and injured snakes from the hands of irresponsible kids. You taught me not to be afraid of bees and how to rescue spiders and set them free outside. Compassion for all living things was instilled in me as a kid. Those lessons paid off.

    • Thanks for the link to your newsletter. I’m glad you’re working on this horrible issue. It is beatable! There’s no need for fur. It’s just people’s cruel sense of fashion and status.

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