Brunch at The Highline

The Highline is a kickass vegan bar with a punk rock vibe in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. From house-infused liquor, delicious vegan comfort food, trivia, live bands, and cakearoke, what’s not to love?bloody mary and mimosa

I started going to The Highline when it first opened a couple of years ago. The Crazy Train sandwich soon became my favorite, but my friends were addicted to the pickle chips.

I recently dropped by with my husband for brunch. I love an all-vegan establishment. I don’t have to ask if there’s dairy in the dressing and I know all the drinks are vegan. White Russian with soy creamer, anyone?

I started with a mimosa and the Mister had a bloody Mary. Then we got our food.

My breakfast burrito was an entire rolled-up breakfast. It’s seasoned tofu with green chilies, onions, garlic, home fries, spinach and “cheese” all wrapped in a giant tortilla and served with chips and salsa.

tofu burrito

My better half had the Free Bird, a house-made seitan chicken-fried steak covered in gravy. He had his with homefries and tofu scramble.

free bird

Best of all, I got to hear The Ramones. Any Sunday that starts with delicious vegan food, a light bevvie, and I wanna be Sedated playing on the sound system is bound to be a good day.

If you’re in the area, check out The Highline. You might see me there!


6 thoughts on “Brunch at The Highline

  1. The Ramones and an awesome brunch , that sounds like the perfect start to the day to me too. Excitingly I’m going to be in Seattle on Thursday so I’m gonna go there, order the Free Bird and hope for The Ramones!

    • Excellent! Enjoy your visit to Seattle. Highline opens at 3 pm on the weekdays and brunch is only of the weekends, but either way, you’ll find something delicious! Let me know how it goes!

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