Tabouli and bean salad

I’ve been eating a lot of beans lately. There are so many types and they’re all so delicious! Yesterday I wanted to make a quick bean salad so I opened a box of garbanzos, a box of kidney beans, and a box of black beans. The boxes are the equivalent to a can of ready-to-eat beans but I like that they’re not in a tin and that the tetra-pak style of the packaging is easy to recycle.

I mixed up a box of tabouli, which already had spices, parsley and cilantro in it, and combined it with the beans. It took about five minutes to whip up and all I had to do after that was chill it for a bit.

bean salad

It made a great lunch, and truth be told, I had it for dinner too. For dinner I added grilled cheese with whole grain bread and cheddar-style slices by Daiya. The grapes were an edible garnish. Hubby and I shared a delicious, healthy, easy-to-make meal. It was perfect for summer. I didn’t heat up the kitchen and the cool salad was refreshing and filling.

I’ve joined Healthy Vegan Fridays organized by Carrie On Vegan, Green Thickies, and The Veggie Nook, so be sure to check out what everyone else is making in the kitchen!


6 thoughts on “Tabouli and bean salad

  1. Boxed beans….as in uncooked???? Clearly, I’m puzzled.
    I, too, eat a lot of beans….also, don’t like the tins (environmentally unfriendly) but often use tinned beans because raw beans take so long to cook!!!

  2. I’d never seen them before either! They are small boxes–like a juice box for kids. They contain ready-to-eat cooked beans. I loved the ease and speed I could make my meal and I liked not having beans that were sitting in a tin for who-knows-how-long. I found them at Safeway, which is in the US and western Canada. I bet other stores carry them too. This was the 365 Organic line but there must be others. I’ll post a picture of the box on FB next time I buy one.

  3. I’ve never heard of boxed beans, I’ll definitely be on the lookout. I love beans and lentils! Your dinner looks very appetizing!!

    Bon Appetite!!

    • Thanks! It was yummy! I love means and lentils too! I made the mock tuna with garbanzos yesterday for a get-together and it was delicious. This time, I added black salt so it tasted like egg salad!

  4. Yum!
    I haven’t seen boxed beans either. I usually cook beans from their dried form- I have a pressure cooker, so it is very quick. I freeze the leftover beans.

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