A Plum good vegan blogger brunch

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Celeste from Honk if You’re vegan, and her husband Paul. I’d know of them only online but suggested a get together when I found out they were coming to Seattle.

Luckily Celeste chose to meet me at Plum Bistro, one of my favorite vegan restaurants. I invited a couple of other local vegan bloggers, Megan and Molly, and we turned brunch into an impromptu blogger meetup!

Jean, celeste, Megan and Molly

Celeste and her husband were so wonderful. It felt like we’d known each other for years. We chatted about blogging, vegan things, travels, and had a great time.

Our food was amazing too. Plum never disappoints, whether you get banana hotcakes…

banana hotcakes

tofu benedict…

tofu benedict

portobello cake tartine…

portobello cake tartine

or a spinach asparagus crepe.

spinach asparagus crepe

Time flew by and it was time for Celeste and Paul to head out. I really appreciated that they took time from their busy travel schedule to meet virtual strangers! I’ll repay the favor by visiting them next time I’m in SoCal!


21 thoughts on “A Plum good vegan blogger brunch

  1. How awesome! I love meeting bloggers in real life. I also really like Plum Bistro. Neal’s parents live near Seattle and we eat there when we visit sometimes. They bought us the cookbook.

    • The Plum cookbook would be great to have, although I’m lazy and would probably prefer to visit Plum since it’s so close! Let me know next time you’re in the area! I agree that it’s fun to get together with other bloggers. VVC was the pinnacle of blogger meetups!

  2. What a good-looking bunch!! The food looks deeeelish!!! Who needs meat? Beats me why people find eating dead animal parts appetizing. The food on these plates is truly appetizing. I am finding the flyers that come to my door advertizing meat, very disgusting! I am offended and I think I should tell the stores why I don’t want their flyers anymore.

    I hope to meet Celeste someday and I really enjoyed meeting your vegan friends while in Seattle.

    See you in NYC! ❤

    • I agree! We didn’t miss a thing at this brunch. In fact, the people at “regular brunches” missed out. There’s no need for gross animal parts on our plates or in our arteries. I hope you meet Celeste someday and I’m glad you liked meeting my vegan friends. Next time you can meet some more!

  3. Reblogged this on Honk If You're Vegan and commented:
    While on vacation, I was fortunate to meet my blogger buddy Jean at Plum Bistro in Seattle. Jean brought along two other vegan bloggers, Megan and Molly. They were all charming, and I loved chatting with them! I’ll write my own Plum Bistro post soon, but today I wanted to share Jean’s write up. Her photos are outstanding! The only thing that’s bugging me is that I’m growing my hair out from a short cut and I’m not crazy about my in-between hair style. Oh well – it will grow (eventually!). Wonderful post Jean!!

  4. Oh my gosh Jean – your photos are amazing. My husband felt really bad about dropping your camera, by the way. He wanted me to tell you that if anything is wrong with it, to please let him know so he can pay to get it fixed or replaced (yes my hubby is good like that!). Anyway, it was wonderful to meet you, Megan and Molly in person. I had so much fun with you guys. And the food at Plum was outstanding! Celeste 🙂

    • Thank you! The food was so good-looking it didn’t take any work on my part to make the pictures look good. And judging by the pictures, you can see my camera survived. Please tell your hubby not to worry. These things happen. My camera took a lickin’ and kept on clickin’! It’s almost like a Timex. In fact, it could be a new Canon commercial! Glad you liked the food and company. Thanks for reblogging this post!

  5. Sounds like fun! Wish I could’ve been there too. 😉 I’ve been eying Plum’s cookbook for some time now (on my birthday wishlist). It would be awesome to actually go and dine there. Unfortunately, I am on the other end of the continent. Your photos look amazing.

      • All the best with your course! I hope you are enjoying it as much as I did. It certainly was an “eye opener” and now I have to stop myself from being too preachy with those insisting on dairy and meat. The course certainly equipped me with the right words to say to anyone skeptical of our diet. I would love to check out Plum! I’ll let you know if I ever find myself in Seattle. 🙂

        • Yes – if you’re ever in Seattle, let me know and we can go to Plum! I’m enjoying the course SO much and, like you, find myself holding back a bit. I chose veganism for the animals but now I’m convinced that it’s the best thing for health too. I’ve got one more course in September and then I’m done.

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