Walk for Farm Animals 2013

This past Saturday was the Seattle Walk for Farm Animals, organized by Farm Sanctuary. About 120 people raised funds for America’s largest farm animals sanctuary (although it looked like a lot more were in the walk). Together, we raised almost $11,000–just shy of our goal.

walk for farm animals

Animal advocates in the Walk for Farmed Animals (photo courtesy of Paul Litwin)

We met at Green Lake, a beautiful Seattle park with a 2.8 mile path around a lake. Despite rain in the forecast, we had a beautiful, sunny day. My friend Shelly and I got to carry the event banner! I felt like I was in a parade. The walk was a great opportunity to honor farm animals–both the ones who are rescued and the ones who’ve lost their lives because of people’s desire for animal flesh.

Several people gave us a “thumbs up” or peace sign. Many more were learning for the first time that there are people who care about all animals and who don’t want to eat them.

Barb at the poster table

Barb helped distribute posters for people to carry in the walk

When we finished the walk, the Green Lake Community Center was set up for us with a delicious, filling buffet, live music by Gary Finkelstein, and a slide show of rescued farm animals.

Many thanks to Mighty-O, Violet Sweet Shoppe, Araya’s, Veggie GrillPizza Pi, Field Roast, and all the other businesses that donated vegan eats for the hungry walkers.

I’m glad I bought raffle tickets before the walk. I ended up winning a beautiful faux leather bag by Susan Nicole! There were many other prizes too, like dog treats by Adventure Days, pet portraits by Vegan Me, and a mini vacation at Someday Farm Vegan B&B.

The walk was a wonderful time for community with like-minded people and a chance to help support a great organization. I’m looking forward to next year!


One thought on “Walk for Farm Animals 2013

  1. This makes my heart smile to know there are people who care!! Thank you for walking for the farm animals. I received a nice thank you note for our donation, every dollar helps and I hope that even more money will be raised by September 28!

    with compassion,
    ❤ carmen

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