It’s World Vegan Day!

Happy World Vegan Day!

November 1st is a day to celebrate being vegan. If you’re not a vegan, try it–even for just today!

vegan starterNovember is also World Vegan Month. It’s a perfect time test the waters and pledge to cut out meat, milk, and eggs. One way to start your vegan journey is by ordering a vegan starter pack. Several organizations have free info packs to help you get started with food and lifestyle changes (click the image of the lamb on the left to see a list). The packs include things like recipes, nutritional info, and compelling reasons to go vegan (like saving animals, improving your health, and helping the environment). Being vegan is a life-changing (and life-saving) decision!

World Vegan Day was started in 1994 to celebrate The Vegan Society’s 50th anniversary. The Vegan Society formed in the UK in 1944. That was the year that the term “vegan” was coined and defined.

Vegans come in all shapes and sizes and walks of life. It’s hard to generalize who a vegan is. Here is a bit of information about what vegans strive for:

Vegans abstain from animal products. Food wise, that means meat (including fish), eggs, and dairy. Veganism extends to other areas as well. Vegans don’t wear animal products (fur, leather, wool, silk, feathers, or any other item from an animal), or use household products containing animal ingredient or products tested on animals. Vegans don’t support captive animals acts like those in the circus or SeaWorld.

Vegans view animals as the sentient beings that they are, and not commodities to be exploited and used by humans.

So whether you’re just thinking about veganism or you’re well on your way, World Vegan Day is a great time to make a commitment to the animals, the earth, and your health.


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