Shopping at Vegan Haven

Seattle is a great place to be vegan. We even have our very own all-vegan grocery store, Vegan Haven. The store is owned by Pigs Peace Sanctuary, and 100% of proceeds go to the pigs. Gotta love that!

vegan haven storefront

Vegan Haven is all volunteer-run, with the exception of its sole employee, manager Demarie, a compassionate vegan who keeps the store stocked and the variety growing. Vegan Haven recently expanded by taking over the empty space next door and the place looks amazing!

expanded store

I love that when I shop at Vegan Haven, I don’t need to read labels religiously. Everything is “safe” to eat. This is where I buy V-Dog, my dog’s kibble, and staples such as Daiya cheese, Upton’s seitan bacon.

Need vegan marshmallows? Vegan Haven’s got ’em. Wine? Check. There’s even a whole section devoted to vegan jerky!

vegan jerky

In addition to food, you’ll find wallets, bags and belts, jewelry, books, and beauty products. It’s a fun place to shop and even when I think I don’t need anything, I always find something to try. This time, Vegan Haven was having a bake sale, so I bought some baked goodies. I also picked up a Daiya frozen pizza, since I haven’t tried them yet. I bought another pack of crab cakes. I wrote about them earlier and they were my favorite of the Sophie’s Kitchen products.

Vegan Haven is at 55th and University Way, in a part of town with lots of vegan options. Pizza Pi is next door, Araya’s vegan Thai is down the street, and Wayward Vegan Café is across the street.

Have you been to Vegan Haven? Is there a vegan grocery near your place?


11 thoughts on “Shopping at Vegan Haven

  1. Wish we had a store like that! What a wonderful name–sounds so inviting!I am getting so discouraged lately walking through supermarkets. Not finding what I want and having to rush by and look the other way as I pass the dead animals. The sadness overwhelms me! Sounds crazy? Well then imagine if you had to walk by packages of dog meat, or see the naked corpse of a decapitated cat wrapped in plastic in someone’s shopping cart. I honestly don’t see the difference. To me the silent screams and images of all the cruelty that goes on every day makes shopping a sad experience, especially surrounded by the very people who cause this and support such atrocities. I go to the produce aisle and see the bounty of harvested fruit and vegetables, looks so colourful and appetizing. I can’t understand humanity. *BIG sigh*

    • Thanks for your comment. I feel the same way in “regular” grocery stores. I either avoid the meat department altogether or look the other way as I walk past. It smells horrible and I can’t get the thought out of my head. So much cruelty. Well, you’ll have to visit Vegan Haven when you come to Seattle. You’ll love it!

  2. I know, it’s the best that you can just buy anything in there! I keep forgetting/coming by too late and haven’t actually gone in the store since the new remodel, but I have peaked in the windows and it looks awesome! 🙂

  3. I love Vegan Haven! I live in Rainier Beach so I don’t get over there nearly as much as I should. But I did make a visit to get some Christmas gifts there this year! It is wonderful to see how that store is expanding!

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