Maximizing your impact

I’m always trying to help animals. I adopted a dog and three cats. I give to animal organizations, and I don’t wear or eat animals or support companies that exploit them.


It bothers me to see animals suffer; I even save worms if I see them struggling on the sidewalk. I haven’t gone to the gym in a while, but my keychain gym card makes a great worm scoop. I can’t walk away without doing something.

Still, I find myself thinking about how to do more. I write letters, fill out petitions, and I sometimes volunteer with NARN, a local animal rights organization, so I can tell others about a vegan life.

With ten billion animals killed for food in the USA every year, it’s easy to see why being vegan is the biggest way to make a difference. Well, that and getting others to go vegan!why vegan

That’s why I like to support Vegan Outreach. They’re a group that distributes booklets around the USA–and around the world. NARN gives out Vegan Outreach booklets at tabling events too. Leafleting makes a big difference and is changing hearts and minds. Here’s how:

People who get booklets often reduce their meat consumption, and sometimes go vegetarian or even vegan. For every two booklets handed out, about one animal is spared. And since each vegan doesn’t eat about 30 intensely confined animals a year, handing out 60 booklets gets results equivalent to one vegan.

With all the expenses of running the organization included, Vegan Outreach gets one booklet distributed per every 32 cents they receive. So based on the data that has come back so far, for about 64 cents, you can spare one animal from suffering. For less than $20, you can help get booklets in enough people’s hands to make the difference that one vegan makes. It’s safe to say leafleting is a great way to help a lot of animals.

If you’ve tried and tried to get your friends of family to go vegan, take a break, and hand out leaflets to strangers. They might be more receptive! Or, send a few dollars to Vegan Outreach so they can supply their awesome volunteers with booklets.

The future is vegan!


8 thoughts on “Maximizing your impact

  1. We just have to be careful because when animal rights activists are successful there tends to be serious pushback. Take the Huntington case. The activists actually made Huntington stock fall on the market. The corporation lost a LOT of money. The consequence? The activists were labelled terrorists. One woman involved was jailed for running a website — something that really ought to have been protected by the constitution. I think that Will Potter is correct in saying that it isn’t a simple fight about animal rights. The people who happen to enjoy power are fighting to protect their whole way of life. They know it is wrong and unsustainable but they are desperate to maintain the status quo.

    • Thanks for commenting. You raise good points. People and corporations with money to be made (or lost) will fight to keep the status quo. SeaWorld is a recent example of a company losing money (on the heels of the documentary Blackfish). Oprah was sued for saying she never wanted to eat another hamburger. A lot of people stand to lose financially as veganism and animal issues go mainstream. We have to be careful, but not complacent. Companies can get on board or become irrelevant. Slavery was a good business model (but completely unethical). Times change. I don’t expect labs, slaughterhouses, circuses and factory farms to go down without a fight. And you’re right: Activists get labelled terrorists and rights we thought we had suddenly aren’t there.

      It’s scary, but it also makes me think I’m doing something right–otherwise some people wouldn’t be so against it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks for commenting! I agree. Vegan Outreach does such great work! I’m glad you’ve leafleted too! It is a great experience. I’m always initially hesitant but I meet a lot of great people and very few who are unpleasant.

  2. Excellent post Jean! Thank you for taking time to do something. It takes time and energy to expose and stop these atrocities, and those who will lose money will fight.

    Compassionate people will do something, we can’t just sit by and watch. It’s like watching bullies pick on a child and doing nothing, if we just turn away and let it continue.

    The animals can’t do it, we are their only hope. How ironic: humans are their worst enemies and also their only hope. ❤

    • It is interesting that some people are animals’ best allies and others are their worst enemies. I’m glad that compassionate people like you are standing up for animals. Your comparison to children is a good one. Innocent creatures need to be protected.

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