9 gift ideas for vegans

It’s almost Christmas, and you haven’t bought a gift for that vegan on your list. What to get? I have few ideas that will work for any gift-giving occasion.

A vegan cookbook – Many vegans love to cook. And even those of us who cook for necessity will benefit from learning new ways to make meals. Oh She Glows, Veganomicon, The Joy of Vegan Baking, and Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook are a few examples.

vegan book

Vegan books – From Novels to exposés, you’ll find great vegan reads. I loved reading Jenny Brown’s journey in The Lucky Ones. Why We Love dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows is an excellent read too. And The Chain and The Awareness are novels on my wish list.

A gift certificate to a vegan restaurant – Most cities have vegan or vegetarian restaurants. Vegans won’t turn down great vegan food. No vegan restaurants around? Indian and Thai places have vegan options, and a coffee card is another choice. A gift certificate is a good gift–and easy to mail!

Vegan jewelryChristy Robinson makes wonderful earth and animal friendly jewelry. Herbivore Clothing also carries her designs, as well as other vegan-themed necklaces. If you search Etsy for “vegan jewelry” and get lots of great options at many price points.

Message gear – What better way to promote veganism that with a shirt, hat or button? Herbivore Clothing, Farm Sanctuary, Compassion Co, Triple Threads, PETA, and The Tree kisser are just a few of the places that have great designs–from whimsical to hardcore.

messages gear

(l to r): Farm Sanctuary, Triple Threads, PETA


A sponsorship – What’s better than material possessions? Helping animals! Sponsoring an animal in someone’s name (or giving a donation on their behalf) is a heartfelt gift. Pasado’s Safe Haven, New Moon Farm Goat Rescue, Pigs Peace Sanctuary, and Precious Life Animal Sanctuary are all farmed animal rescues in my area. National sanctuaries and local cat and dog rescue groups will also welcome donations.

A vegan walletCouch Guitar Straps is an all-vegan line of products including men’s and women’s wallets. Handmade in LA from vintage, recycled, and deadstock materials (including old vinyl auto upholstery) these wallets are the coolest way to be green.

wallet and purse

Couch wallet and Gunas purse

A high-end purse – I’m losing track of how many vegan handbag companies there are now, but I’ll never forget to add Gunas to my list. Gunas has one of the most stylish lines around.

A Vitamix – Okay, these babies aren’t cheap, but they’re the Cadillac of blenders. If your special vegan loves smoothies, soups, and homemade hummus, springing for a Vitamix will make them a happy camper.