Vegan gloves for all occasions

I’ve linked to a lot of products in this post and I’m sure, over time, some of the links will break. If you can’t find a product, let me know–or search the web for the terms I’ve mentioned in the links. Thanks!

Looking for cruelty-free gloves? Sometimes the little items are the hardest to swap out for vegan versions. I’ve scoured the Internet and found vegan alternatives for some of the most popular types of gloves.

Mechanix framer glovesWork gloves – Whether you’re working on your car or on a construction site, work gloves need to protect. Luckily, you can still be safe and cruelty-free. Ironclad makes their Super Duty glove using synthetic materials.

Mechanix also has vegan safety gloves (made with Clarino), like their Framer, the Safety M-Pact 2 and the OutDry, which is machine washable.

Garden gloves – For light garden work, a fabric glove is just fine. Rubber palms and fingers keep out moisture and help with grip. If you really need protection and durability, the Pallina men’s glove is heavy duty and will serve your landscaping needs. Women’s Pallina gloves are also available. I’d use a general purpose Mechanix glove in in the garden too.

Motorcycle gloves – A lot of motorcycle apparel manufacturers sell non-leather gloves. Sometimes because they’re a better price, and sometimes because they’re better in all types of weather. Read the description carefully though. Some still have leather palms or knuckles.aerostich vegan gloves

Motorcycle Superstore carries a lot of gloves, including men’s winter gloves with synthetic suede palms by Alpinestars, men’s summer gloves with neoprene and lycra by Scorpion, women’s waterproof gloves by Dainese, and women’s summer gloves with synthetic palms by Joe Rocket.

Aerostitch sells vegan gloves for summer and winter. Both will protect your hands from wind, bugs, rocks and pavement.

Cycling gloves – Most sports shops will have non-leather glove options. A few examples include these North Face men’s cycling gloves and these ones by Ventura.

Weightlifting gloves – I’ve found several vegan weightlifting gloves, like these women’s weightlifting gloves by Shiek and this pair of men’s gloves by Valeo. Vegan bodybuilders will appreciate the New Grip lifting gloves, from a company that specializes in all animal-free products.

Vehement vegan glovesBoxing gloves – You can find vegan boxing gloves, like this pair of Everlast wrist wrap gloves and this heavy bag pair. But if you want vegan gloves from an all-vegan, fair-trade company, you’ll treat yourself to a pair of Vehement gloves. Vehement makes gloves for men and women. They won’t get cracked and brittle and they won’t absorb odors.

Baseball gloves – Most baseball gloves are made using leather but after searching the net, I’ve found a few vegan options, from cheap gloves on amazon to custom-made pro gloves by The Carpenter Trade Company. Synthetic versions are harder to come by at the moment, but they’re the future of baseball, according to people like Scott Carpenter, owner of a high-quality synthetic glove company.

Winter gloves – When you need warmth, check out Underarmour. UA makes a few styles of gloves. The men’s ColdGear Infrared  Storm Stealth Gloves are made with nylon, polyester, and synthetic leather. They make a woman’s glove too that appears to be all synthetic. Maybe the stylish colors of Columbia’s Whirlibird Insulated Gloves are more your style. Gentlemen, the Tumalo Mountain Ski Glove might be just what you’re looking for.

Fashion gloves – Fashionable leather-look gloves are available too, especially at department stores that offer a variety of price points. Often the faux leather gloves are the budget alternative, but they’re still stylish and come in a range of colors and styles. I’ve seen them at JC Penney and Target before.

There are lots of more glove styles and I know I haven’t covered them all. What type are you looking for?