Veggie menus at school

School is wrapping up for another year, so I thought I’d mention some good news that might get kids looking forward to fall (yeah, right!).

You may have heard that PS 244, Active Learning Elementary School in Queens, NY, adopted meat-free menu in their cafeteria recently. The students led the change at the pre-kindergarten to third-grade school. They were drawn to healthy plant-based options like falafel, spinach wraps, and cucumber salad.


Now, the San Diego school district is introducing Meatless Mondays to its kindergarten through 8th grade students. The move was voted in by the board as an attempt to introduce healthy eating to the kids and help curb obesity. Starting this fall, students will get to enjoy meals like tofu and vegetable stir fry, baked potatoes, and grilled vegetable paninis.

From coast to coast, kids are learning about veganism. Let’s hope that these two changes are the start of a healthy, cruelty-free trend.

Are you a student or a parent with school-age kids? Maybe you work at a company with an employee food service program. Why not ask them to introduce more vegan food in the cafeteria? It’s never to early–or late–to start a life-long habit that has a profound effect for people, the environment, and the animals.


Meatout 2013

Since 1985 March 20th has been synonymous with Meatout. It’s the first day of spring and a chance to pledge to go meat-free for a day, one day a week, or for life!

To promote Meatout, I joined Action for Animals in Seattle’s busy Westlake Park yesterday. The St. Patrick’s Day parade was ending, and the streets were packed. We handed out meatout flyers and gave out free samples of Tofurky slices and Silk soy and almond milk.

Rachel and Paris offering flyers and samples

Rachel and Paris offering flyers and samples

The reception was great! people loved the free food and most commented on how delicious it was. We wanted to show people that you can eat healthy, tasty food and be cruelty-free.

Why pledge to be meat-free?

  • For the animals. In the US alone, over 10 billion land animals (chickens, pigs, and cows primarily) are raised cruelly, and slaughtered painfully.
  • For the planet. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, global warming, and water use.
  • For our health. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and many types of cancer are diet-related and what we eat can improve the quality–and length–of our lives.


So this Wednesday ditch the meat! If you want to take it further, try Meatless Mondays every week, or go all the way and be vegan!

Get your free vegan starter guide with delicious recipes at or by texting meatout to 55678.