Quick quinoa dinner

By the time I thought about dinner this evening it was 8 pm. I’d been so busy enjoying the rare Seattle Sun, walking my dog, and hanging out with hubby, that time just got away from me.

I whipped up a couple of bowls of quinoa from a package that included spices. The box recommended letting the quinoa sit covered after it was done absorbing the water I’d boiled it in. Before I set it aside, I chopped up a bunch of cherry tomatoes and added them (and a dollop of olive tapenade) to the pot.

quinoa, tomatoes and beefless tips

As the quinoa mix was sitting aside, I fried up a few “beefless tips” by Gardein and threw them in the mix. The result was a tasty, easy dinner that was filling, satisfying, and nutritious.

Hubby (a not-yet-vegan) wanted to see Forks Over Knives so we sat down with our plant-based meal and watched the documentary. It was even better than I’d remembered. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.