Simple ravioli lunch

Ravioli is a delightful food. Little pockets stuffed with yummy goodness. A lot of times, though, ravioli is filled with meat or cheese. Boo! That’s not good at all. I made this meal with Rising Moon vegan ravioli. It’s stuffed with butternut squash. Mmm. So delicious!


Rising Moon Organics is a Portland-based vegetarian pasta company. They’re not all vegan, so check the package before you buy. Luckily, they do carry several flavors of vegan ravioli, including spinach, veggie, and garlic-herb. They also offer vegan lasagna and manicotti.

I found this package at my local Whole Foods, in the refrigerated section.

I topped my ravioli with a garlic and Merlot red sauce, also from Rising Moon, and paired it with a delightful Washington Riesling.