Dining at Veggie Grill

Have you tried Veggie Grill? I’ve been eating there a lot ever since I discovered two Seattle locations and I have to say “wow!” Veggie Grill is a healthy, 100% plant-based restaurant chain that boasts delicious, nutritious meals. They have 19 locations up and down the west coast and are expanding.

vegan BBQ wings

I’ve had their wraps, burgers and sandwiches but I think my favorite dish is the B-Wing Salad–it’s spicy and cool, with its mix of hot “chicken” strips (made with Gardein), cool vegan ranch, avocado, romaine, celery and corn salsa.

veggie grill

Another reason I like to stop by is the mac-n-cheese (vegan cheese and quinoa pasta). Comfort food at its finest! The cauli-mashed potatoes and gravy is another delight. Sometimes I just get the two sides (and a vegan cookie) instead of a meal.


Veggie Grill is a bright, casual atmosphere with vegan twists on American classics. They serve beer and wine too. I’ve been with hubby a few times and it’s fun for a group of friends. I’ve seen people bring in kids too–they even have a kids’ menu. There’s something for everyone.

Have you been to Veggie Grill?