Vegan brands and shops

Vegan brands are popping up all over the place and I’m building a comprehensive list so you can support vegan companies and shop ethically. Let me know if you have other brands to recommend.

Vegan clothing and accessory brands

Armed Angels (German-based clothing)
Beyond Skin (UK-based shoe company)
Barel Ethical Luxury (purses and accessories)
Bhava (luxury footwear)
Blood Tight Apparel (AR shirts)
Bohemian (scarves, accessories, clothing)
Brave Gentleman (menswear)
Christy Robinson (jewelry)
Cmplt unknwn (purses)
Coral 8 (shoes)
Couch (guitar straps, belts, and wallets)
Cri de Coeur (shoes and bags)
Cykochik (handmade purses)
Delikate Rayne (clothing)
Denise Roobol (handbags)
Deux Lux (purses)
Djuna Shay (clothing)
Espe (purses)
For the Love of Animals Apparel (AR shirts)
Freerangers (UK-based shoe brand)
Freedom of Animals (purses)
Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather (shoes)
Gotham Decay (purses and bracelets)
Green Panther Press (AR shirts)
Gunas (purses and wallets)
Harveys (original seatbelt bags)
Hipsters for Sisters (bags and belts)
Hooves (shoes)
Indosole (shoes repurposed from tires)
Insecta Shoes (shoes from recycled clothing)
Jill Milan (luxury handbags)
John Bartlett (AR shirts)
Jonny’s Vegan (German-based shoe company)
Keep (shoes)
Koalacore Clothing (AR shirts)
Krze Studio (shoes and bags)
Leni Penn (purses)
Lois Eastlund (dresses)
Love is Mighty (shoes)
Matt & Nat (bags and wallets)
MeDusa (bags and wallets)
Melie Bianco (purses)
Melissa (shoes)
Miakoda NYC (clothing)
Mink shoes (shoes)
Nae (men’s and women’s shoes)
Neuaura (shoes)
Nicora Johns (shoes)
No animal Ingredients (AR shirts)
No Harm (shoes)
Novacas (shoes)
Olsen Haus (shoes)
Organic Modernism (clothing)
Pansy Maiden (purses)
Pixie Mood (purses)
Plantfaced Clothing (AR shirts)
Pure Apparel (AR shirts)
Quinoa Apparel (shirts)
Reneu (shoes)
Rombaut (French-made shoes)
Roni Kantor (Israeli-based shoemaker)
Sanikai (Swiss-made clothing)
Susan Nicole (purses and wallets)
Sydney Brown (shoes)
Tantamount Apparel (message shirts, totes, socks)
The Tree Kisser
(AR shirts)
The Skin Shoes (shoes)
The Vegan Collection (wallets, bags, and AR shirts)
The Underground Chic (purses and bags)
Triple Threads Brand (AR shirts)
Vaute Couture (coats and clothing)
Vegan Empire (AR shirts)
Vegan Wares (Australia-based shoe brand)
Veganized World (AR shirts)
Vegetarian Shoes (UK-based shoes and boots)
We Don’t Kill Animals (Spain-based clothing company)
Wilby (purses)
Wills (shoes)
Winter Girl Boots (boots)
Zette Shoes (Australian-made shoes)

Vegan stores

Alternative Outfitters (online clothing and beauty store)
Amour de la Terre (Chicago-based vegan boutique)
Bead & Reel (LA-based boutique)
Bourgeois Boheme (men’s and women’s luxury footwear)
Bruce Heart (online luxury fashions)
Compassionate Couture (online shoe and accessories store)
Dear Goods (German-based boutique–Munich, Essen, Berlin)
Drizzle & Shine (Seattle-based eco boutique)
Ethical Wares (Wales-based shoes and accessories store)
Food Fight Grocery (Portland-based grocery store)
For Anima (online clothing store)
Got Nice Shoes (Vancouver-based shoe store)
Grapecat (online clothing and accessories store)
Herbivore Clothing (Portland-based clothing store)
Lookie Lou Boutique (online women’s boutique)
Moo Shoes (NY- and LA-based shoe store)
Opificio V  (Italian-based luxury shoe brand)
Orange Oranges (Australian-based boutique)
Rabbit Food Grocery (Austin-based store)
Republic of V (Berkley-based grocery store)
Sapato Verde (Portugal-based shoe store)
Sudo Shoes (Cambridge, MA-based shoe store)
Vegan Chic (online shoes and accessories store)
Vegan Cross (Vx) (London-based store)
Vegan Essentials (online food and clothing store)
Vegan Haven (Seattle-based grocery store)
Vegan Line (UK-based shoe store)
Vegan Style (Australia-based shoe and fashion store)

Vegan and/or Cruelty-free beauty lines
I’ve checked that none of these lines test on animals (cruelty-free), and I’m pretty sure they don’t include animal ingredients (vegan). Please check the ingredients just in case!

Booda Organics
Beauty without Cruelty
EO bodycare
Gabriel Cosmetics
Hurraw Lip Balm
Jordana Cosmetics
Josie Maran
Kevin Murphy
Kiss My Face
Lily Lolo
Milano Cosmetics
Paul Mitchell
Pelle Beauty
PIXI Beauty
Tarte Cosmetics
Too Faced

Vegan food

Field Roast (grain meat)
Heidi Ho (cheese)
Gardein (faux meats)
Sophie’s Kitchen (faux seafood)
Kite Hill Cheese
Miyoko’s Creamery (cheese)
Phoney Baloney (coconut bacon)
Punk Rawk Labs (cheese)
Tofurky (faux meats)
Vtopian Artisan Cheese
Daiya Cheese
The Regal Vegan (spreads)
Upton’s Naturals (seitan-based meats)
Vegan Vine (wine)
Yves Veggie (faux meats)

Vegan magazines

Definition Magazine
Driftwood Magazine
La Fashionista Compassionista
Laika Magazine
Vegan Good Life (English and German)
Vegan Health and Fitness
Vilde Magazine

*Please let me know if you notice that any of the above mentioned promote or sell products made from animals!


14 thoughts on “Vegan brands and shops

  1. Awesome list! Just FYI, you missed a few:
    Coral 8 (shoe brand)
    Freerangers Shoes (UK shoemakers)
    Indosole (shoe brand)
    Roni Kantor (Israeli shoe brand, find her stuff in vegan stores and on Etsy)
    Ethical Wares (Wales-based store, mostly shoes and accessories)
    Opficio V (Italian shoe brand)
    Sudo Shoes (vegan shoe store in Cambridge, MA)
    Veganline (UK-based shoe store)
    Vegan Style (Australian shoes/fashion store)

    And here are some small companies that make vegan shoes out of Lorica, though they also make shoes from leather (they’re not vegan brands but you can order handmade vegan shoes from them):
    Bioworld (Spain-based company – find them on Etsy)
    Guat Shoes (UK)
    Greenshoes (UK)

  2. Thanks so much for including us on this list!! We are honoured to be a part of something bigger and love spreading the vegan word and sparking conversations through apparel :). #equalityforall

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