Vegan profile #1: Carmen Coburn


This is the first in a series of vegan profiles I’m sharing on my blog. To contribute to this feature, check out the profile intro page.

Name: Carmen Coburn
Age: 62
Occupation: Dance instructor

mom at Ribfest

Carmen Coburn (holding sign) at a Ribfest in Ontario

How long have you been vegan? Ten years

Why did you choose to be vegan? My daughter Jean (editor’s note: that’s me!) gave me a book Diet for a New America and I found out the cruelty inflicted on animals, particularly cows and hens.

Biggest challenge: Giving up cheese and yogurt, which I ate on a daily basis because I didn’t think my vegetarian lifestyle harmed animals.

Best reward: Peace in my heart, knowing that I don’t contribute to the misery of farm animals (or any animals). Health.

Are you involved in animal rights, vegan outreach, or other types of activism or education? Yes, I have helped organize Animal Rights Day in the city where I live, I marched in Toronto for animals, I bear witness to the tortuous treatment of pigs before they are slaughtered in a nearby slaughterhouse. It breaks my heart.

Mom at march

Carmen Coburn (right) at the Toronto March to Close all Slaughterhouses

Advice for new vegans: Find like-minded people; eat a healthy, plant-based diet.

Parting words: Go vegan: for health, for the animals, for our environment. It’s a win win win situation!

mom at a slaughterhouse

Carmen (right) and friend, bearing witness at a slaughterhouse

Thank you, Carmen (Mom!), for all you do for the animals and for being such an inspiration and vocal proponent for animal rights and veganism! And thanks for being the first vegan profile on my blog!

Be sure to check out Carmen’s blog, Fashionable Over 50, where she shows how to be a healthy and stylish vegan.


7 thoughts on “Vegan profile #1: Carmen Coburn

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to be in your new Vegan Profile series. I am grateful you gave me the book. Many people do care, but we need to be informed to what’s really going on behind closed doors. I’m so happy and healthy: at 62 I have as much energy as in my 20s, I feel I haven’t aged a day since I became a vegan!

    Compassion is growing!
    ♥ carmen

    • I’m so glad you agreed to the questionnaire, and more importantly, that you read the book! It’s great to have a vegan family! I know you’ve always been compassionate but taking that extra step and cutting out dairy, eggs and leather is huge! You’ve done so much for animals and you’re helping so may other people make compassionate choices. Amazing! Veganism looks good on you 😉

  2. As I’ve said before, I applaud your lifestyle choice and am proud to know Carmen. She walks the talk.As a wanna be, I find so little support to be even vegatarian let alone vegan and am sensitive to subtle “chiding”, jeering …..nonetheless, at home, I often manage one or two vegan meals a day and sometimes even three… all reduces animal suffering and increases well being, general good health. Thanks, Jean and Carmen for carrying the torch and spreading the message.

    • Bob, I commend you for your efforts and I’m glad Carmen has been helpful. It’s hard when you don’t have any support or when you can’t stick with it because of people at home. Remember that when people mock you, it’s their problem. It’s not about you–even though it might feel like it’s directed toward you. I’ve noticed that a lot of people, deep down, aren’t comfortable with their food choices and they take it out on the people who remind them about the ethics of eating.

      Two or three vegan meals a day is still terrific–for you and for animals. Stay strong, my friend!

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