Katzentempel: Germany’s first cat café

During my trip to Germany this past summer, I got to visit Café Katzentempel, Germany’s first cat café. What made this place extra special was the 100% vegan menu.


Katzentempel (Cat Temple) is a wonderful café and restaurant in Munich. Students from the nearby university sipped on cappuccinos worked on laptops, while at other tables, groups dined on delicious vegan fare.

The food was ganz lecker (totally delicious) but the cats stole the show. Six rescued resident cats made themselves at home in the café.



Even the artwork was cat-themed.

cat art

I liked that the cats’ wellbeing was paramount. No flash photography and no manhandling of the cats allowed. Of course, we were lucky and some of the cats visited us. On their terms, of course—as cats prefer.

Jack naps

Ayla rests after a drink

Robin on his perch

Sleepy Saphira

I was lucky that one of the café owners was there so I learned firsthand about how the café was created. Thomas Leidner came from the world of finance but wanted to do something completely different. An ethical vegan, he knew the cats would be a huge draw, and would help him reach more people with delicious vegan food. He’s helping people improve their relationships with animals in more than one way!

Thomas and friends

Balou sees an opening on the calendar. Next time you’re in Munich, stop by—the cats will be waiting for you!

Balou and calendar


10 thoughts on “Katzentempel: Germany’s first cat café

  1. That is so awesome! We have a cat cafe that recently opened here in Brisbane, and originally was going to be an all vegan menu. But their vegan cupcakes are super expensive and they have now started selling non-vegan baked goods and drinks, which is a shame. They have managed to rehome a lot of rescued kitties though, so that is good.

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  3. Wonderful article about the Katzentempel Cafe! What a fabulous restaurant! “ganz lecker” food as you said and as seen in the photos. You took some cute shots of the kitties and I’m glad you took a photo of the art on the wall. The cats are adorable! ❤

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